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Introduction - what is a Sloofa?

A Sloofa is a new and easy to use ball thrower which is lightweight that you can carry in your pocket. 

It was primarily designed to make it more challenging for a dog to find the ball, and it does that superbly, but because of its versatility, it can also be used for sporting practice (catching & fielding), and for recreational play. 

                                                                       The Sloofa sam_0615                   sam_0627


Easy to throw – it only requires a gentle underarm throwing action, which makes it different to other types of ball throwers.

It throws all types of balls, soft & solid, whether round or irregularly shaped without adjustment.

You choose how and where to throw it – so keep your dog guessing and enjoy using it. If you want to throw the ball less, but exercise your dog more, then this is all you need.

Early indications suggest that it could be suitable for those that normally find it difficult or painful to throw a ball, such as arthritis sufferers, which is encouraging news. More details about this news is on the FAQ page. 

A Sloofa would also make a unique and practical Xmas present, and one that will actually fit into a Christmas stocking!

No longer will you need to carry one of the plastic ball launchers or a tennis racquet to throw a ball for your dog. It also has the additional benefit of being able to throw a variety of different balls without adjustment provided that they fit within the Sloofa. See the picture below showing some of the balls that the standard size Sloofa can throw. Larger balls such as baseballs and the like (not shown) can be thrown with one of the larger size Sloofas.



Although simple in its design, the Sloofa is fundamentally a sling, (not to be confused with a catapult which is completely different).

Historically, slings have been used over centuries as weapons to throw stones, so as a throwing device they've stood the test of time. Unlike traditional sling weapons, the Sloofa was designed just to throw balls, which it does very effectively, so don't be deceived by its basic appearance.


sam_0618         sam_0513         sam_0620  

To see a short demonstration of it being used please click on the link below. Other demo videos can be found on the techniques page.


From the video you should notice that very little effort is put into the throws and all are achieved with a comfortable under arm throwing action. While the dog is having plenty of fun retrieving the balls, its great for the user as well, as you're in control of how and where to pitch it, and you can make it as easy or hard as you like for your dog to find. If you want to throw the ball less, but exercise your dog more, throw one which is hard for them to find (we call that type of throw a sloof). As you continue to use it, you get more skillful at it, and you'll soon discover various ways of throwing it that suit you and your dog best.

Most users soon find that they have much more control of the ball in comparison to the plastic launchers and will get much more enjoyment from using it. Take a look at the techniques page for more information and demonstration videos about this. 

Every sling is made by us, and comes with detailed instructions, but more information and photographs are available on this website. The instruction booklet and this website also contains important information on how to use the Sloofa safely, as well as suggested throwing techniques and activities.

We would welcome you to share any other techniques or activities that you discover, and we may include them on this website.

We'd also like you to let us know what you think about the product, and we'll use that information to try and improve it. 

Dont forget to refer back to the website from time to time, as there are plans to introduce new products as part of its ongoing development.

We hope that you enjoy the website and we welcome your feedback. We've really enjoyed developing and bringing the product to market, and we hope that it will bring a lot of pleasure to all that use it (dogs included). 

The Sloofa is available to purchase on this website, but will also be available at some of the linked stockists.

Because the Sloofa is new and unique, it would also make an ideal and practical gift or Xmas present for someone special, and it is available in different colours, which can be purchased with or without balls.

Recent News

Positive feedback has recently been received by an arthritis sufferer who discovered that they can now throw a ball again (without any pain or discomfort) thanks to the Sloofa. 

Further trials with the throwing technique, has revealed that its possible to throw a ball with the Sloofa, without doing a full 360 degree revolution, and a half revolution (a basic under arm throwing action) will still effectively throw the ball a good distance. A video to demonstrate this will shortly be available.


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